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Diesel Tech: Internship Program

M&K is ideally suited for an internship program as we have the ability to provide a robust learning experience. The potential to utilize interns within our facilities could create a stable pipeline of early in career talent, and provide the opportunity to evaluate prospective employees while working in our organization.

Purpose: To offer Diesel Tech students opportunities in:

• Practical work experience or a project, working with a designated supervisor/coach.
• An opportunity for students to observe, contribute and rotate through the different parts of a dealership. (Rotation is for Internships only)
• Career connections, mentorship and networking opportunities within the organization/industry.
• Hands on training with constructive, on-going feedback for personal and professional development.
• A potential pipeline of early in career talent.

Program Outline:

Weekend and School-Break Program

Weekend and School-Break programs: Are designed to give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a Diesel Tech Shop Environment outside of a formal internship program.
• The Weekend and School-Break work program provides a diesel tech shop experience for students outside of a formal internship program. The skill set of the student will determine the work and hands on experience the student will receives during the immersion program. This type of program may or may not be directly related to the student’s curriculum.

Length of Break and Weekend Programs. (First shift only)
Weekend – One to Two Days.
• Hours are flexible and can be anywhere from 2-8 hours a day.
• Compensation $15.00 an hour

School-Break Program – Spring-Break, Winter-Break, holiday-breaks from school.
• Hours – Up to 8 hours a day.
• Compensation $15.00 an hour

Length of Spring/Summer Internship Programs. (First shift only)
• Hours – Up to 8 hours a day. (overtime only permitted by General Manager)
• Compensation $17.00 an hour

Development and Career Opportunities:

An Intern, by definition, is “a professional in training”.

• A carefully monitored work experience in which a student has intentional learning goals and reflect actively on what he/she is learning throughout his/her tenure.
• Tenure of formal internship 3 month – 6months.
• Paid opportunity
• Connection to an educational program and advisor during internship
• Interns who participate in internships are typically more engaged in their learning and development.

Type of work that may be performed during Internship:

• Basic shop equipment maintenance and repairs
• Company vehicle preventative maintenance and repairs
• Vehicle washes and porter work
• Chase driver, parts runner
• Basic welding
• Assist in PDI, new vehicle delivery inspections
• Supervised preventative maintenance on customer vehicles
• Perform equipment maintenance the shop or field
• Diagnose issues using OEM resources
• Fully and accurately document work descriptions and all necessary information by way of writing on paper and/or typing it into a computer.
• Navigate windows based electronic service manual, writing diagrams, hydraulic schematics and parts catalog.
• Apply a customer service sense of urgency
• How to complete a parts requisition for necessary parts.
• Cleanliness of work area and safety protocols in a shop environment
• How to properly use and care for cleaning equipment