East Manufacturing Dump Trailers

Most Preferred Brand of Aluminum Trailer


East dump trailers have excellent “empty weight,” plus the strength and versatility to efficiently haul more than just bulk commodities. Haul more, make more.


East dump trailers are durable and strong by design, so you won’t eat up your earnings with downtime and repair. The bottom line is East delivers more productivity with less hassle.


East is the most preferred brand of aluminum trailer. Surveys conducted by major trade magazines confirm that more owners prefer East over any other aluminum trailer brand.

Frame Dump Trailer

Designed with heavy-duty strength and durability, These frame dump trailers are ideal for versatile hauling requirements. We offer several frame dump trailer configurations to meet the needs of every job-site.
East Manufacturing Frameless Dump Trailer

Frameless Dump Trailer

The East frame dump trailer is designed for the ideal balance between low weight for more payload and heavy-duty strength for durability. The capacity, efficiency and long life built into the East frameless dump trailer delivers maximum return on your investment.
East Manufacturing Frameless Dump Trailer

Hybrid Dump Trailer

The Genesis hybrid dump trailer combines square-box trailer strength with a round bottom lightweight to provide the advantages of both kinds of trailers. With 2+ yards greater capacity than a traditional half-round trailer, the hybrid gives you greater payload capacity. Its center-of-gravity is 7+ inches lower than a traditional half-round for greater dump stability and twist resistance, better cornering and overall operational peace of mind. In addition, a stronger, more rigid body resists body twisting, and improves reparability.
East Manufacturing Hybrid Dump Trailer

Aluminum Truck Body

East Aluminum Truck Bodies are custom engineered and manufactured to your demanding specifications. Only premium aluminum alloys for flooring and side material are used for long life and durability. Genesis side construction is also available permitting the side walls to be insulated for asphalt operation.
East Manufacturing Aluminum Truck Body

Steel Dump Trailer

The body of the steel dump trailer is made from Hardox AR450 grade steel to handle tough construction and demolition work because it resists twisting, flexing and cracking. This frame steel dump trailer gives you maximum uptime and reliability, a lower center of gravity, greater payback at resale and a baked-on paint finish.
East Manufacturing Steel Dump Trailer

Michigan Series Dump

East offers a wide variety of frame dump trailers with the multi-axle configurations that meet the requirements of hauling in Michigan. Both Genesis and traditional external post styles available for triple-ten (gravel train), super-train, break-up double, twelve wheelers and up to 8-axle semi-trailer configurations. Steel dumps are also available.
East Manufacturing Dump Trailer