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Mac Trailers

Mac Trailers is a leading manufacturer of of steel and aluminum dump trailers, transfer trailers, flatbed trailers, drop deck trailers, pneumatic tank trailers and straight truck bodies.


Mac Dump Trailers

The MAC series of Dump Trailers and Straight bodies offer four design configurations. They offer frameless and frame type trailers that are engineered and manufactured to meet your rigorous hauling demands. Whether you are hauling, rock, sand, gravel, asphalt, scrap, salt, construction materials, agricultural products and everything else in between, MAC stands ready to be tested!

Mac Dump Trailer


The original fully welded “Sheet & Post” square design is rugged, time tested, a proven mainstay and is a recognized leader in the dump industry.


This has proven itself to be a lightweight rugged workhorse within the MAC family of dump trailers. Designed with a radius bulkhead, that offers a low profile front end complete with a lower center of gravity.


In a class of its own with a design and construction to meet geographic needs nationally when it comes to steel trailers. Whether you are looking for the maximum capacity maximum durability of the 90 cubic yard, AR450 “SCRAPMAC” for the brute applications, the traditional radius or half round design for heavy abrasive hauls such as but not limited to sand, gravel, and dirt, MAC Trailer offers it all.


This design incorporates the unique technology of a distinctive structural snap together side panel that represents the alliance of innovation, engineering and construction by utilizing extruded 6061 T-6 aluminum hollow core, multiple void side panels having full welds on the interior joint and provides a weldless mirror finish exterior side wall for imaging, a design that has been built, tested and proven in Europe since the 1980’s.


Mac Flatbed Trailers

From tandem flatbeds, to multi-axles, to B & A-train combinations, to single drop decks, the Road Warrior or to the latest addition the MLP-6 and MLP-8 Flatbed, the MAC aluminum flatbeds have earned their stripes through a reputation for being a trailer of structural strength appealing to a spectrum of transporters.

Mac Flatbed Trailer


Leading the MAC line-up, the tandem flat is recognized as the benchmark of aluminum platforms in North America. This premium trailer, whether built with the M-52, M-60, M-72 or M-80 main beams, is engineered to handle evenly distributed material loads such as lumber, skids of shingles, block or bagged sand too extreme concentrated steel coil loads.


MAC provides a lightweight, high load capacity drop deck trailer to meet today’s unique and special load demands. MAC’s special process of forming the all aluminum neck prior to the final heat treatment of the metal, intern maintains the strength properties of the alloy and enhances the structural integrity of the design.


If you haul coils, block or heavy materials, you need an extreme trailer that can handle extreme loads – you need a MAC. The heavy haul market requires a trailer that will handle the most robust of loads and that is why you will see more fleets and owner operators pulling the MAC 29” M-72 & M-80 beamed trailers.


The “ADVANTAGE X-tender” 53 ft. to 65 ft. with a weight comparable to a standard combo with same base specifications lengthens opportunities to fleets and owner operators to accept loads they commonly would have to turn down due to length constraints.


Mac Pneumatic Trailers

Everyone is looking for a competitive edge. The MAC Pneumatic design, in conjunction with state of the art components, delivers that edge in the form of increased fuel economy, ergonomic controls, shorter unloading times and low maintenance operation. Whether your dry bulk transporting involves cement or sand, plastic pellets, flour, sugar, feed or ash, MAC offers a size compatible to your haul and piping-discharge to meet your requirements

Mac Pneumatic Trailer


Low cube pneumatic tanks haul the materials from which our world is built. It is the perfect balance of beauty and brawn with a smooth aluminum exterior complete with internal bar type bracing and internal hopper apex reinforcing plates. High quality extruded aluminum front and rear frames to construct the ideal tank you need whether you are on the job site or in the oil field.


High cube pneumatic tanks by MAC are built to best suit your operational needs. Our food grade powder tank standard equipment is top of the line at MAC Trailer. They use the best polished aluminum for our tanks with a smooth aluminum exterior complete with internal bar type bracing and internal hopper apex reinforcing plates.


MAC Trailer has engineered and developed vac tank trailers with a host of features that establishes a new standard for the industry. Thier external rings with abbreviated internal blade reinforcements improves cleaning ability with no reinforcements at top. Hot Air Lines are tucked in low and inboard to reduce the risk for driver injury.


In a class above the rest the AeroMAC is a Monocoque frameless design with a 100% clean bore smooth interior, external rings and a front and rear void section. This light weight design is the King of Pneumatic tank trailers offering 102” wide low center of gravity, optional washout nipples, food grade aerators and hoses, easily removable cam-on couplings, conveniently placed wiring and airline accessibility, top of the line hose tube and galvanized suspension hangers with soft coated axles.


Mac Transfer Trailers

MAC Trailer has become recognized as the nation’s foremost leader in the manufacturing of tipper and moving floor transfer trailers. Simply, MAC knows the transfer industry and knows the importance of constructing a trailer that will withstand the most demanding of conditions, rigors and abrasive operations associated with the loading and unloading of mass volume and heavy bulk materials from waste, to wood, to agricultural, to recyclables, to scrap.

Mac Transfer Trailer


Whether you are transporting MSW or C&D to a landfill, bulk mulch or wood products to a wholesaler, agricultural products for unloading into a hopper, plastics to a recycle center or crushed cars-scrap-white goods to a metal reprocessing site, choose the design-construction of either the original fully welded aluminum sheet & post with side skins to a guage of .250, or the smooth sided “MVP” (MAC Vertical Panel) MACLOCK® configuration that incorporates 2 1/4” hollow core aluminum extruded panels.


When maximum payload is your primary objective, and you are unloading via a tipping platform, go no further, the MAC Tipper is all about volume, low tare weight and designed for the long haul. From tapered designs with lengths to 53’ the MAC Tipper can provide volumes up to 148 cubic yards. Choose your design of either the fully welded sheet and post or the greater capacity “MVP” MACLOCK® extruded aluminum panel construction.


The MAC V-Slat Moving Floor is Equipped with Aggregate and Asphalt Proven Horizontal Unloading Technology with Keith Walking Floors. What does it mean to purchase a MAC Waste Trailer? It means you can increase your payload, improve safety and reduce maintenance on your trailer with the Keith Walking Floor Aggregate & Asphalt proven horizontal unloading technology.


When maximum payload is your primary objective look no further than MAC Trailer Manufacturing. Fleets, operators and transport companies turn to MAC because they know they can rely on the structural integrity, durability and dependability that is designed, engineered and built into each and every trailer.


When your specification or regulatory requirement demands axle configurations from tri-axle to 8 axles, to multiple spreads and lifts or sliders, you can rely on MAC as each trailer layout is engineered to ensure all axle positions and plumbing will meet your weight distribution or bridge law regulations.

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